D.i.y. Laptop Case

Materials: 2 fabric, scissors needles, sewing machine (if you own one), zipper Start by measuring your laptop dimensions. Add 3cm seam allowance to all three...


T.a.r.d.i.s.: My Little Doctor-who Time-traveling Machine Made Of Cigarette Boxes

Raw materials I started out with a few empty cigarette boxes. Four sides After cutting in the appropriate places, I glued the parts together to form a box. Adding the...


20+ Brilliant Ways To Reuse And Recycle Old Tires

#1 Tire Dog Bed source report Final score: 84 points practicallyfunctional.com 1000 POST Edwinna Skipper 17 days agoIt is stated not to use them as planters for edible...


Guy Builds Flamethrower Ukulele Inspired By Guitar Used In ‘Mad Max’


DIY Shape-Shifting Lamp That You Can Flip, Swirl And Arrange However You Want

Stacked Lamp Here’s the finished lamp with the slices rotated. Print and cut template Here is the template. I cut out the shapes, then I taped the pieces together....


Alice In Poppie Wonderland

The Hatter I tried to kill the time, but time took its revenge Alice The map to wonderland is curiosity Wonderland The White Rabbit


A Humble Contribution To The Impressonist Animal Kingdom Universe


Every Day, I Draw One Animal Letter A Day To Teach My Son The Alphabet

E is for Elephant F is for Fox H is for Hawk J is for Jaguar K is for Koi O is for Octopus P is for Peacock Q is for Quetzal R is for Rabbit S is for Sea Turtle T is for...


A Marvel World I Created From Regular Objects

Captain VietNam Balsam “Golden star” Spiderman Litchi Ironman “Coi” lighter Thor “Thong Nhat” match box The Hulk Eagle Brand Medicated Oil Black Widow...


The Cutest Conversations I Heard Between Everyday’s Objects

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